Benzyl Alcohol BA Organic Solvents For Steroids

pharmaceutical chemical raw material Benzyl Alcohol BA CAS 100-51-6 Sterods use Organic Solvents Benzyl Alcohol Quick Details: Classification:Ether CAS No.:100-51-6 Other Names:Phenylmethanol MF:C7H8O EINECS No.:202-859-9 Place of...
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 pharmaceutical  chemical raw material  Benzyl Alcohol BA CAS 100-51-6 Sterods use Organic Solvents

Quick Details:


CAS No.:100-51-6

Other Names:Phenylmethanol


EINECS No.:202-859-9

Place of Origin:ShenZhen, China (Mainland)


Appearance:colourless liquid

Application:solvent,flavor,photographic developer

Usage: Chemical intermediate for synthesis of target molecules used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, preservatives, and flavoring & fragrance agents.

Brand Name:SENDI

Model Number:SD-100-51-6

Molecular Weight:108.14


Melting Point:-15°C

Boiling Point:205°C

Flash Point:93°C

Refractive Index:1.538-1.541

Water Solubility:4.29 g/100 mL (20 °C)

Storage Condition:2-8°C

Vapor Pressure:13.3 mm Hg ( 100 °C)

Vapor Density:3.7 (vs air)


One of the simplest aromatic alcohols, most of them are in the form of ester in essential oils, such as jasmine oil, hyacinth oil and Peruvian balsam. It is colorless and aromatic liquid, slightly soluble in water, freely soluble in ethanol, aromatic and other organic solvents, no long stored.

Benzyl Alcohol COA:


Test Item









Acidity(as benzoic acid)









Specific gravity(20°C)



Refractive index(20°C)






Clarity of solution(1+30)






   1. Airtight operation, the operator strictly abides by the operating procedures.

Store in cool, ventilated storehouse, keep away from fire and heat source.

   2. No smoking in the workplace, with explosion-proof ventilation systems and equipment.

   3. Separate storage with oxidants and food chemicals.

   4. Light loading and unloading during handling to prevent packaging and container damage.

   5. Equipped with corresponding varieties and quantities of fire fighting equipment, leakage emergency treatment equipment and appropriate shelter materials.

   6. Empty containers of residue.

Application area:                                                                         

  1. Used as perfume and fixative agent, as an additive to soap, cosmetic and other products;

  2. Used as solvent for coating, dye and paint, as well as for photographic imaging agent and preservative;

  3. Drying agent for nylon, fibre and plastic film;

  4. It can be used for flavouring agent and medical material.

Occurrence and presentation 

Benzyl alcohol is contained at 6 percent in jasmine petal oil , but also in clove oil, gold oil, Perubalsam and Styrax. It can be synthesized by reaction of benzyl chloride with alkali carbonates or by reduction of benzaldehyde.


Benzyl alcohol forms a colorless, slightly oily liquid with a mild, pleasant odor but a bitter, numbing taste. The compound dissolves easily in most organic solvents, it is also noticeably soluble in water. Benzyl alcohol is slowly oxidized to benzaldehyde by the oxygen in the air.

Esters of benzyl alcohol with various monocarboxylic acids have a perfume character, such as benzyl acetate and benzyl benzoate.


It is an important solvent in the paint and ink industry, additives for ballpoint pen pastes, dyeing auxiliaries and disinfectants, development accelerators in color photochemistry and starting material for the production of esters. It is also used as a preservative for injection solutions and cosmetics. 

It dissolves cellulose esters, cellulose ethers, fats, oils and resins, is approved extraction solvent and reactive solvent in many construction chemicals and part of paint strippers, many essential vegetable oils and is used as a viscosity regulator.

In the EU it is approved as a food additive with the number E 1519 for the production of flavorings for certain beverages, confectionery and bakery products. There is a maximum limit of 5 mg per kilogram of body weight for benzoic acid and benzoate taken together. Benzyl alcohol is considered harmless, but is known as allergen.

Benzyl alcohol lotion against head lice 

Benzyl alcohol is used in head lice medicines (Pediculus humanus capitis). After contact with benzyl alcohol, the parasites are temporarily unable to close the respiratory openings. With oils, the airways can be blocked and thus the lice are killed by asphyxiation.

Under the trade name Ulesfia, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted market approval in 2009 for a treatment for head lice containing 5% benzyl alcohol and 5% mineral oil as active ingredient.  The lotion is applied to dry hair and rinsed with water after a contact time of ten minutes. The treatment must be repeated after 7 days as the product does not work against Nissen. In a study with more than 600 subjects, 75% of the subjects were louse-free after 14 days compared to 15% in the control group (drug-free lotion). Side effects may include irritation of the skin and eyes.

Safety instructions

Benzyl alcohol is irritating to skin and mucous membranes. The effects of benzyl alcohol on human health and the environment will be assessed under REACH in 2016 as part of the substance evaluation by Germany.  It is harmful if swallowed and inhaled and causes serious eye irritation.

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