Legit Injectable Steroid Trenbolone Acetate Finaplix H

Synonyms: Revalor-H;finaplix;trienboloneacetate;Fina;Finajet
Trenbolone acetate CAS Registry Number: 10161-34-9
M.F.: C20H24O3
M.W.: 312.4
Legit Source Assays: 99%
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Legit Injectable Steroid Trenbolone Acetate Finaplix H Revalor-H tren a for mass muscle growth

Trenbolone Acetate 

Trenbolone acetate Quick Details:
Synonyms: Revalor-H;finaplix;trienboloneacetate;Fina;Finajet
Trenbolone acetate CAS Registry Number: 10161-34-9
M.F.: C20H24O3
M.W.: 312.4
Legit Source Assays: 99%
Bulk price discreet Packaging
Appearance: Yellow to Pale yellow crystalline powder
Storage: shading, confined preservation.
Usage: male hormone.Trenbolone Acetate can be used as pharmaceutical material. Its main function is to Promote metabolism. Anabolic effects include growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone density and strength, and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation.

Trenbolone Acetate Extra details:
Trenbolone Acetate is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids with a great performance enhancement capacity especially for athletes and body builders.

Available legally in the market, this remarkable steroid is more effective than testosterone if used properly and according to recommendations. Adopting the right Trenbolone Acetate cycle can be one of the greatest cycles for any performance enhancer thus achieving the desired results safely and within a short period of time.

Trenbolone acetate homebrew homemade recipes
100 ml of Tren ace @ 75mg/ml: 

7.5 grams of tren ace powder (6.36ml); 

44.75 ml of grapeseed oil; 

2 ml of Benzyl Alcohol (2%) With no BB Trenbolone acetate will be held easily, so, there is no need for BB, or use EO. For raw powders, search sunpower-steroids will be a good choice.

100 ml of Tren ace @ 100mg/ml: 

Common 100 mg/ml Recipe for 100 ml 10 grams of Trenbolone Acetate powder (7.5 ml) 

2 ml BA (2%) 20 ml BB (20%) 70.5 ml Oil 

100 ml of Tren Enathate @ 150mg/ml: 

10 grams of trenbolone enanthate powder (9.09 ml) 

2 ml of benzyl alcohol; 15 ml of benzyl benzoatep; 73.91 ml of Grape seed oil.

100 ml of Tren Enathate @ 200mg/ml: 

trenbolone enanthate powder 20 grams benzyl alcohol BA 2ml (2%) benzyl benzoate BB 20ml (20%) Carrier: USP Grape Seed Oil   

Some example cycles using trenbolone:


Testosterone propionate 100-150mg eod, 6-8weeks
Trenbolone acetate 75-100mg eod, 6-8 weeks, PCT 4 days after last prop injection.


Testosterone enanthate 750mg per week, weeks 1-12
Trenbolone enanthate 400mg per week, weeks 1-12
Winstrol 50mg ed weeks, 8-14
Primobolan 600mg per week, weeks 1-10
Testosterone propionate 200mg eod weeks 1-12
Trenbolone enanthate 400mg per week, weeks 1-10


Primobolan 600mg per week, weeks 1-10
Trenbolone enanthate 400mg per week, weeks 1-10
Testosterone enanthate 1000mg per week, weeks 1-12
Trenbolone enanthate 500-700mg per week, weeks 1-12
Anavar 80-100mg ed, weeks 1-14

Very advanced/pre-contest:

Testosterone propionate 100-200mg ed
Trenbolone acetate 75-100mg ed
Masteron 400-600mg per week
Winstrol 50mg ed
Primobolan 600mg per week
Halotestin 10-20mg ed

Trenbolon Acetate COA:

Product name

Trenbolon Acetate


Yellow powder




Specific Rotation

+39°~ +43°


Chromatography Purity






Organic Volatile Impurities



Loss On Drying



Residue On Ignition






Trenbolone Acetate VS Trenbolone Enanthate

In contrast, trenbolone enanthate's percentage of active steroid is nearly 20% lower. For this reason, weekly total dosing for trenbolone enanthate is a little higher than for the acetate. For the enanthate, weekly total dosing is typically 300-800 mg.

Unlike trenbolone acetate which has a half-life of only about 1 day and therefore should be injected daily, trenbolone enanthate is typically injected 2-4 times per week. The half life is probably about 5 days.

Trenbolone Half Life

The base trenbolone hormone bears a half-life of around 6-8 hours, despite the fact that the base hormone isn’t used by most bodybuilders. Most athletes inject a trenbolone version on which an ester chain is attached. It’s not till plasma lipases in one’s blood stream cleave off that ester chain that Tren is free to interact with the androgen receptors in the muscle cells.

The half-life of the acetate-ester version is about 48 hours, while that of the enanthate version is around 5-7 days. Trenbolone-Acetate, or rather Tren-Ace, is quite popular since it has a small Acetate-ester bonded to it. This in turn, gives it the ability to act fast. Also, it gives you the option of ending the cycle quickly if any negative side effects appear and seem intolerable for you.

Once you stop administering Tren-Ace, the compound will clear the body rapidly within a few days. As a result, the half life will help to quickly end any unfortunate side effects. The Hexa-hydrobenzylcarbonate ester chain, or rather the Cyclohexyl-methylcarbonate, is the longest as it has an 8-10 day half-life.

Trenbolone Steroid Powder Trenbolone Acetate / Tren a Cycles & Doses

Regardless of the type of cycle or intended purpose most will find 6 weeks of Trenbolone-Acetate use to be the minimal time frame with 8 weeks being far more optimal. You can use it for longer periods but 12 weeks will generally be all the Trenbolone anyone will ever want and should be reserved for more experienced users who understand how their body reacts. The strong majority of Trenbolone-Acetate users will generally find 50mg every other day to be just about perfect, with100mg every other day being a good dosing for a more advanced athlete and user, especially one looking for more of a bodybuilding type physique. For higher end doses some will choose to go as high as 100mg every single day but most will never need this amount and if they do such an amount is best served towards the end of a bodybuilding contest prep cycle and diet in order to bring in ultimate hardness. 

You will find Trenbolone-Acetate stacks well with just about any other anabolic steroid imaginable but if there is anything you should stack it with it is some form of exogenous testosterone; the form of testosterone doesn't matter, long esters, short esters and mixtures are all absolutely fine. Many individuals may also find Cytomel to be a useful addition to a Trenbolone stack as the hormone will slightly lower natural T-3 levels. No, this addition is by no means an absolute must but it can provide some useful benefits especially while dieting.
 Once your cycle ends and you are entering into you Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) if the cycle ends with Trenbolone-Acetate and all other steroids are of a small ester form you will be able to begin your PCT in a few short days. This gives Trenbolone-Acetate an advantage over Trenbolone-Enanthate, for if the Enanthate version were being used you would need to wait approximately 2 weeks before PCT began. Remember, the sooner we can start our PCT the better off we'll be, in-terms of gains kept and our overall health.

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