Mibolerone Acetate Anabolic Steroid Hormone

Mibolerone Acetate Anabolic Steroid Hormone CAS 3704-9-4 for Bodybuilding Muscle Mass Mibolerone Acetate (check Drops) Details: Mibolerone Acetate Name: Mibolerone Mibolerone Acetate Alias: Mibolerone Acetate; Miboleron; Mibolerona;...
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Mibolerone Acetate Anabolic Steroid Hormone CAS 3704-9-4 for Bodybuilding Muscle Mass


Mibolerone Acetate 

(check Drops) Details:

Mibolerone Acetate Name: Mibolerone

Mibolerone Acetate Alias: Mibolerone Acetate; Miboleron; Mibolerona; Miboleron; check Drops;

Mibolerone Acetate other name: Mibolerona [INN-Spanish]; The Miboleron; The Miboleron [INN-Latin]; NSC 72260; 10997; U-10,997; UNII-9OGY4BOR8D;

Name Mibolerone Chemical acetate: U-10997; CDB-904; 7UN, 17α-dimethyl-19-nortestosterone; 7UN, 17α-Dimethylestr-4-en-17β-ol-3-one

CAS NO .: 3704-09-4

Assay (by HPLC): 99%

MF: C20H30O2

MW: 302.45

EINECS: 223-046-5

Usage: API, the hormone

melting point: 168-171 ° C

Temp Mibolerone Acetate baggage: 2-8 ° C

Solubility DMSO: soluble 5 mg / ml, clear (warmed)

Mibolerone Acetate Definition: ChEBI: An androgen which is nalandrone carrying two methyl substituents in positions 7alpha and 17.

Mibolerone Acetate Usage: Synthetic anabolic steroid bound to testosterone. Controlled substance (anabolic steroids)

Mibolerone acetate Routes of administration: Oral

Life Mibolerone Acetate Half: 2-4 hours

Cheque drops (Mibolerone) information

Cheque drops (chemical name: mibolerone) was originally developed by the Upjohn Veterinary Market, which does not mean that human consumption. This can be said to be the most toxic steroids on the planet, so only 2 weeks on this AAS, 5mg daily dose is enough to allow users to experience very bad side effects. In a veterinary application, the feed is fed to the female dog to stop ovulation during heating, so that the bitch can be kept under control.

Since the short 2-week time frame can use this steroid, it is impossible to get any significant muscle to use it. Using a check drip for more than 2 weeks will definitely cause liver damage, so most users will never use it. Thus, this drug does not have enough time to deliver any significant anabolic effect.

Cheque drops 

Cheque drops are a liquid preparation of steroid mabonone, which is used by bodybuilders, electric lifters, strength athletes and warriors, all for the purpose of improving agility and performance on the day of the race. Check drops are effective for 30 minutes before the game. Users will experience more aggression, focus and competitive drive. Although this steroid does not contain any direct stimulants, it shows a very pronounced action on the central nervous system (central nervous system) through an androgen overload. This is the only reason that this drug is used by athletes because muscle gain is not obvious for this drug.

(check Drops) specification:

Mibolerone Acetate Purity> 99%

Mibolerone Formula Molecular Acetate C20H30O2

Weight molecular 302.45

melting point 168-171 ° C

Appearance white crystalline powder

Grade pharmaceutical grade

Active Life 2-4 hours

Dosage 200-400mcg

life Mibolerone Acetate Shelf 2 years

Mibolerone Acetate of the Stock Mass

packing Methods Designed disguised packaging directions, 100% pass custom warranty

MIBOLERONE TIME Acetate of delivery Within 18 hours after payment confirmed

MIBOLERONE Acetate of T / T payment, Western Union, Money Gram and Bitcoin

NOTE: Mibolerone is a potent anabolic steroid that is both more selective and more selective for metridolone androgen receptor. Mibolerone has been shown to be both highly anabolic and androgenic

Mibolerone Acetate (check Drops) introduction:

1: Mibolerone is a grade veterinary anabolic steroid that was released in the 1960s by the Upjohn branded Control Drops and then how to control medicated dog food. The purpose of this steroid is to stop the menstrual cycle of a female dog in order to prevent pregnancy. As with many steroid hormones, and this includes veterinary status, it was not long after it was born that athletes and bodybuilders found employment.

2. Mibolerone is an oral anabolic steroid, structurally derived from nandrolone. This agent is specific 7.17-dimethyled nandrolone, significantly more potent as an anabolic and androgenic agent than its undenatured parent. Over the years, Mibolerone has earned a reputation among bodybuilders as one of the strongest steroids ever made. This is correct in the technical sense, as it is only one to select some effective commercial steroid products in micrograms, not milligram, quantity.

3. In contrast, he had only 18 times the androgenic activity. Although both properties are strongly pronounced with this agent, it retains a predominantly anabolic character (in a relative sense). Estrogenic and progestin properties are also very pronounced with this drug, however. Among athletes it is most commonly applied during the charge formation phases, or to stimulate aggression before a workout or competition.

Mibolerone Acetate (check Drops) Dosage:

Check drops are taken orally and must be taken every day. Doses normally fall in the 200-300mcg to the field during the day, but can increase up to 500mcg per day, in some cases. The doses are always taken before training, about 30-40 minutes before training, a fight or event. There are no recommended therapeutic doses as this steroid has never been used in medicine for human purposes.

Most athletes use about 5mgs about 30min before training or competition. It's not really "stacked" with anything except carderinas. It is usually used just before training or important competitions. Many athletes who already use massive doses of steroids add to Mibolerone (check drops) as a pre-event enhancer.

Check the drops bring a half-life of about 3 hours. It is also a powerful steroid is one of the few steroids that has taken in microgram doses rather than milligrams. The steroid is normally taken 30-40 minutes before an event or training.

Mibolerone Acetate (check Drops) Administration:

Contrary to internet belief, see drops are highly estrogenic. This anabolic steroid can cause a massive amount of aromatase activity. He is also a very strong progestin. however, it is rarely used for long periods of time or at doses that allow the estrogenic properties to be seen. It is because of the low amounts used that the anabolic effects are hardly ever seen. It would take upwards of 5 mg per day to see a true anabolic effect that would most likely produce significant estrogenic activity. Such doses should also come with terrible side effects and consequences.

Because of the short half-life of Mibolerone, it is more commonly used by athletes over 30-40 minutes before their sporting event. Mibolerone are placed under the tongue athletes, and effects including aggression, strength and adrenaline rush are quickly felt. The drug leaves the body in about four hours.

Mibolerone Acetate (check Drops) Reviews

When it comes to increasing aggression is not better there is anabolic steroid. Based on aggression, if the individual is of healthy body and mind and can control himself this steroid can be helpful. But for those who are naturally aggressive in a negative way, this steroid will be terrible. Regardless of the aggressiveness factor, because this steroid is so horrible for your cardiovascular and liver health it's actually not a good reason to always use it. Anything that the individual needs to accomplish can be accomplished by other means making this steroid interesting to read, but that's about it., Methyltestosterone, Testosterone Suspension, or Halotestin is typically preferred for this purpose because Check Drops rarely find on the market black.


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