Nandrolone Propionate Nandro Muscle Growth Steroids

CAS NO.: 7207-92-3
Alias: Nandrolone 17-propionate
Purity: 99.9%
Usage: pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin.
Appearance: White crystalline powder
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High quality Nandrolone propionate CAS 7207-92-3 Anabolic Steroid Hormone Powder Effective for Bodybuilding Nandro Muscle Growth with best price 

Nandrolone Propionate has similar properties of the Nandrolone Decanoate except that the propionate is much faster acting with shots every other day.

As an effective compound, Nandrolone Propionate produces quality and long-lasting muscle gains. This is the result of relatively long half-life of the drug, around 8 days. Users report mild side effects, and the biggest side effect is water retention. Also, we studied tumor host response to excessive dosages of nandrolone propionate (anabolic steroid), 2.5 mg 20g intraperitoneally, every second day for 11 days.

Nandrolone propionate Quick Details:

CAS NO.: 7207-92-3
Alias: Nandrolone 17-propionate
Purity: 99.9%
Usage: pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin.
Appearance: White powders

MOQ: 10grams

Price: depends on the quantity you want, please contact me for more details!

Origin:Made in China; 
Grade: Pharmaceutical Grades
Storage: Shading, confined preservation

What is Nandrolone propionate ?
Nandrolone propionate is an effective compound that produces quality, long-lasting muscle gains. This is because of the relatively long half-life of the drug (around 8 days). Users report mild side effects, with the biggest side effect being water retention.

Nandrolone propionate Descriptions:
Nandrolone Propionate is used for chronic consuming disease, severe burning, before-after surgery healing fractures and osteoporosis, premature and stunted for children, also for inoperable breast cancer dysfunctional uterine bleeding uterine fibroids etc.

Nandrolone propionate Application:

Nandrolone Propionate is used for chronic consuming disease, severe burning, before-after surgery healing fractures and osteoporosis, premature and stunted for children, also for inoperable breast cancer dysfunctional uterine bleeding uterine fibroids etc.

Nandrolone Propionate usage for women may have slight male character, such as acne, hirsutism, coarse voice, clitoral hypertrophy, amenorrhea oa menstrual disorders and other adverse reactions. If come across above symptom, should stop drugs immediately.

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The quality control process of our company: 
1) Purchasing
Thorough market research, understand the price of raw materials and performance.To the procurement source to understand fully, and fully guarantee the quality of the procurement of raw materials.
2) Inspection
Four steps: sampling, sample pretreatment, measuring and data processing.
3) Producing
a) Each operator must do self-inspection of producs and make the corresponding inspection records.
b) Full-time inspectors through check the operator self-inspection, and review and sign in the corresponding record. Full-time inspection is responsible for inspection of finished product, and make the finished product incoming inspection records.
4) Before selling
Test result can be provided before selling.
Third-party detection institution is allowed if you are not satisfied with test results.

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