Trenavar Trendione Trenabol Prohormone Powder

99% Trenavar Trendione 4642-95-9 Super Trenabol Prohormone Powder Mass Size Gain 1, Trenavar Profile: Product Name: Trenavar Other names: Trendione; Estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione; Trenabol; Tren Elite; T-Var 15; Super Trenabol; CeltiTren CAS#: 4642-95-9 MF: C18H20O2 Structure: Appearance:...
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99% Trenavar Trendione 4642-95-9 Super Trenabol Prohormone Powder Mass Size Gain

1, Trenavar Profile:
Product Name: Trenavar
Other names: Trendione; Estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione; Trenabol; Tren Elite; T-Var 15; Super Trenabol; CeltiTren
CAS#: 4642-95-9
MF: C18H20O2
trendione Structure
Appearance: Yellow powder
Purity: 99.15%
Usage: Estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione is a prohormone to trenbolone, a steroid growth promotor administered to beef cattle and reportedly abused by athletes. Estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance in the United States. This compound is intended for forensic and research purposes only.
2, Trenavar Applications:

Estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione (Trenavar, Trendione) was released in late 2011 by PHF/IBE and is represented as a true prohormone to Trenbolone, differing only by a ketone at the 17 position. Similar to other 17-one prohormones, this ketone is the target of 17b-HSD1, hydrogenating the compound to yield active Trenbolone.

Trenbolone (what Trenavar converts to in the body) is one of the strongest injectable steroids on the market, so effects experienced from Trenavar can be expected to be largely the same - huge strength and size increases, accelerated fat loss, and enhanced vascularity.

Trenavar, creatively named using a combination of popular (and illegal) steroids trenbolone and anavar, is the first ever prohormone to actual trenbolone. 

Trenavar is a very powerful pro-hormone that actually converts into trenbolone in the body. As a result, on paper it is much more androgenic than straight testosterone.

Effects of Trenavar

-Increased vascularity

-increased blood flow/pump

-reduction of body fat

-Significant increase in overall strength levels
-Boosts size and mass gains
-Does not have any estrogenic effects

How long should I cycle Trenavar?
Due to the potency of Trenavar, cycles should not last longer than 30 days.

Average Cycle Length:4-6 weeks

Trenavar Dosage?
Most users run around 30 to 45mg of Trenavar daily for 30 days with on cycle support. It is best to split this dosage up over 2 to 3 servings of 15mg per day.

Side Effects?

Blood pressure is likely to be dose-dependently elevated to a significant degree, cholesterol levels and liver function markers are likely to be adversely affected, though to what extent remains to be seen. Commonly reported trenbolone sides include night-sweats, mood swings, androgenic hair loss and/or growth, temporary loss of libido, as well as the suppression of endogenous testosterone production. It would be sensible to assume that these may also result from use of Trenavar.

3, Trenavar Specifications/ COA:

DescriptionWhite Or Almost White Crystalline PowderWhite Powder
IdentificationInfrared AbsorptionPositive
Melting Point33~37°C34.5~36.5°C
Loss On Drying0.5%max0.30%
Specific Rotation+32°~ +36°(C=1 in dioxane)+33.5°
Organic Volatile Impurities2500PPm max<1000PPm
Residual SolventsMeet the requirements(USP29)Confirms
Chromatographic puritySum of impurities: 3.0%max<3.0%
ConclusionThe specifications conform with USP32 standard.

4, Trenavar Powder Picture:


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