Flibanserin Pharmaceutical Ingredient for Female

Amino Tadalafil
Alias: Tadalafei,Amino Tadalafil
CAS No: 385769-84-6
MF: C21H18N4O4
MW: 390.392
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Flibanserin HCL CAS No. 147359-76-0 / Flibanserin for female enhancement / BIMT-17 99.99%min Woman sexual powder

Quick Details: 

Product name: Flibanserin

CAS No.:167933-07-5, CAS 147359-76-0

Other Names: Flibanserin


EINECS No.:167933-07-5

Place of Origin:ShenZhen, China (Mainland)

Type:Sexual production

Grade Standard:Medicine Grade, Phamaceutical Grade

Usage: Flibanserin is a medication approved for the treatment of pre-menopausal women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).

Brand Name: SENDI 

Model Number:API


Appearance:White Powder

Application:Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Package:Aluminum Bag, Disguised pack, or as your requirement.

Product Applications:

Flibanserin is the world's first New drug for enhancing female sexuality. It can reduce the amount of 5-hydroxytryptamine which inhibits sexuality and improve sexual stimulant dopamine levels. 

This drug can directly effect on the sexual pleasure control area of the female brain to restore female Flagging libido. By adjusting the aphrodisiac body system, Flibanserin Helps to restore the balance of sexual appetite suppression and exciting mechanism and lead to form a healthy sexual performance. The curative effect can be obtained a few weeks later. At the same time, the female viagra also has a certain side effects. One-eighth of tested women appeared dizziness, fatigue and sleepiness.

Similar to antidepressants, Flibanserin will affect the brain secretion chemicals associated with emotions and desires. In fact, it was used as a drug for the treatment of depression before before it becomes a sex medicine.


Different from the working principle of "viagra", Flibanserin works by adjusting the chemicals in female brains.In addition, "viagra" only works for most men, Flibanserin has effects on women with low libido. If the patient does not have a sexual interest to someone, Flibanserin will not affect her. Flibanserin will not cause hyperaphrodisia. Clayton. Anita, adviser of the drug companies says :“it is not an aphrodisiac and it only helps to balance the chemicals in the female brain to make a female restore sex desire, but not more than the normal level. However, it takes some time for this drug to work and women should take the drug every day.



Testing Items      Specifications Results
Characteristics      An off-white to white powder Complied
Identification       Meet the requirements Positive
Loss on Drying   ≤0.50%   0.13%
Heavy Metals   ≤20PPM  <20PPM
Purity (by HPLC)   ≥99.0%    99.9%
Conclusion:           The commodity is complied with the standard of the factory  

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