Natural Estriol E3 Sex Hormone Treat Multiple Sclerosis

High Quality Estrogen Powder Treating Multiple Sclerosis Estriol CAS 50-27-1 Estriol (E3), also estriol, is a quantitatively important metabolite of estradiol and estrone. It has a weak estrogenic...
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High Quality Estrogen Powder Treating Multiple Sclerosis Estriol CAS 50-27-1

Estriol (E3), also estriol, is a quantitatively important metabolite of estradiol and estrone. It has a weak estrogenic effect, about 1/10 that of estradiol. In the placenta it is formed directly or from the fetus synthesized precursors. Estriol is also produced in adipose tissue by aromatization of the a-ring of androstenedione.

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Anti estrogen steroids , primary estrogen in urine . A metabolite of Estradiol . used to treat leukopenia , also have a certain effect for prostatic hypertrophy , prostate cancer .




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Estriol Usages:

Estriol belongs to natural hormone and is the metabolite of estradiol in vivo , anti estrogen steroids . It is mainly presented in the urine . Estrogen has a relative small activity with the oral activity being 6 times as high as estrone but being weaker than estradiol with non-carcinogenic effects . After its administration , the in vivo estradiol levels did not change . Estriol has selective action on the vaginal and cervical canal but has no effect on the uterus and endometrium entity .

Estriol, Animal experiments have shown that estriol has a stronger effect on vaginal epithelial keratosis than estradiol , thus being able to promote vaginal epithelial hyperplasia , superficial cells keratosis mucosal angiogenesis and vaginal epithelial wound healing , but having a weak effect on the weight gain of mouse uterus At the same time , estriol can enhance the function of cervix cell , causing the cervix muscle fiber hyperplasia and increasing the cervical elasticity and softness .

In addition , estriol has feedback inhibition on the hypothalamus and pituitary but does not inhibit ovulation while only having significant impact on the corpus luteum and therefore can be used as the auxiliary drug in the medium-term labor induction and artificial abortion and for the treatment of various kinds of menopathy . Estriol also has significant effect on the hematopoietic system and can reduce vascular permeability and fragility. Therefore , it can be used for the treatment of various kinds of hemorrhage . It also has effect of rapidly increasing the peripheral leukocytes and generally begins to take effect at 1 to 3 days after treatment but with a shorter duration of action and is effective in treatment the leukopenia induced by radiotherapy and chemotherapy .

Estriol Application:

A. Estriol can be used for treating cervicitis and especially suitable for treating menopausal syndromesenile vaginitis .

B. Estriol can also be used as the adjuvant drug for middle-term labor induction and artificial abortion .

C. Estriol can also be used for treating prostatic hypertrophy and prostate cancer .

D. Estriol still has a rapid role in increasing the peripheral leukocytes. It generally takes effect at 1 to 3 days afterthe treatment but with a short duration period . It also has efficacy in treating leukopenia caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy

E. Estriol can be used for reducing the vascular permeability and fragility and can be used for the treatment of various kinds of hemorrhage . It also has quick hemostasis effect on menorrhagia , hysterectomy or tonsillectomy

Estriol Functions:

1. For cervicitis, especially for menopausal syndrome, senile vaginitis.

2. For an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer.

3. rapid increase peripheral leukocytes to the role of chemotherapy or radiotherapy-induced leukocyte reduction effective.

4. Can reduce vascular permeability and fragility, can be used in a variety of hemorrhage.


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