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Applications about Italy:

The republic of Italy (Repubblica Italiana), Italy for short, is a European country consisting mainly of the apennine peninsula in southern Europe and the two Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia.It covers an area of 301,333 square kilometers and has a population of 60.8 million.The northern Alps are bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, and are surrounded by two microstates, SAN marino and the Vatican.


Rome, the capital of Italy, has been the center of western civilization for centuries.Rome went through three stages: the reign of Rome (753 ~ 509 BC), the republic of Rome (509 ~ 27 BC), and the Roman empire (27 ~ 476 BC).Roman republic time basically completed the territory expansion, the empire period became the Mediterranean as the center, spanning the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa.After the fall of the western Roman empire in 476, Italy in the 14th century became the birthplace of the European Renaissance.At the end of the 15th century, the struggle between France and Spain for the apennines intensified, leading to the Italian war that lasted for decades.Nationalism began to awaken in the 18th century.In the 19th century, with the rise of the Italian Renaissance, the kingdom of Sardinia began to gradually unify the north and south. In 1861, the kingdom of Italy was established and Rome, the capital of the papal states, was conquered in 1870 to complete the unification of Italy.After the defeat in world war ii, the monarchy was abolished and a republic was established.
Italy is a highly developed capitalist countries, one of the four big economies in Europe, is also a founding member states of the European Union and NATO, or the schengen convention, the group of eight, and members of the important international organizations such as the United Nations, Italy has 54 UNESCO world heritage site, is the country with the most world heritage in the world, Italy also is a world leader in the field of art and fashion, milan is Italy's economic and industrial center, is the world of fashion.