Blend Steroids Injections The cycle works

- Apr 11, 2018-

Ester is a chemical chain consisting mainly of carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms. This chemical chain is mainly attached to the 17th carbon atom of its body hormone (17β). Blend Steroids Injections The esterification of these injected bulk hormones is mainly for one purpose, reducing the release rate of the bulk hormones at the injection site.

  The principle is that ester-based Ester can significantly reduce the water-solubility of steroids and improve the lipid-solubility of steroids. In simple terms, if you are injecting a certain steroid water-soluble bulk hormone, such as Testosterone Suspension, Blend Steroids Injections then your injection will be absorbed and depleted within a few hours after injection, so that you Frequent injections have to be done to maintain a gradual increase in the concentration of drug in the blood. This is a very painful thing for bodybuilders, Blend Steroids Injections and even a strong man can be cried.

When we use the ester-modified steroids, we do not need to make a single injection every few hours. We can inject twice a week or once a week. Blend Steroids Injections After injection, the drug does not immediately enter the blood circulation and functions, but it will be retained in the injected muscle tissue. With a little breakage of the chemical chain of the ester group, the injected drug will absorb a little to enter the bloodstream. The cycle plays a stable role. Blend Steroids Injections In general, the longer the ester chain of a drug, Blend Steroids Injections the lower its water-solubility and the longer its half-life.

Among all anabolic drugs, testosterone propionate, testosterone enanthate, or mixed testosterone are used to increase muscle mass. Compared to other anabolic drugs, its negative impact on health is extremely low. Testosterone drugs are the same as testosterone hormones in vivo.Blend Steroids Injections  It is muscle If the most effective builders, testosterone has a positive effect on sexual desire, cholesterol is also low, if you can, it is recommended to use testosterone drugs specifically to increase muscle strength.

If testosterone alone is not feasible, Blend Steroids Injections these drugs have the lowest cardiovascular pressure in injections, such as tape, dolepoline, boldenone, and metenolone. If oral steroids are needed, testosterone undecanoate, metetenolone, and testosterone should be used. Blend Steroids Injections These drugs are not 17aa steroids, but they all provide steroid activity, and there is no other type of steroids that can cause cardiovascular and liver stress, such as healing dragons. Oxandrolone, vigorously supplemented, stanozolone.