Blend Steroids Injections Active Period

- Apr 11, 2018-

All drugs in the world have a half-life, Blend Steroids Injections and anabolic steroids are no exception. For example, bodybuilding enthusiasts have once injected a testosterone cypionate testosterone 1000 mg once a week for ten weeks. Do you know when the OFF Cycle is complete for him? Was it when he finished the last shot? To answer this question, you only need to calculate the half-life of testosterone cypionate. Blend Steroids Injections The half-life of testosterone cypionate is approximately 12 days. This means that after you have injected 1000 mg of testosterone cypionate for 12 days, there will remain 500 mg of testosterone in your blood. After another 12 days (24 days after the last injection), Blend Steroids Injections the concentration of testosterone cypionate in your blood will remain 250 mg. The concentration of drug concentration in the blood will decay once every 12 days. The drug concentration in your blood remains 67.5 mg of testosterone cypionate 48 days after your last injection.

There is an active period for all drug effects, Blend Steroids Injections or the sum of the time that they perform curvilinear activities in the body. The chemical structure of each drug is different, which determines their half-life is not the same. After entering the bloodstream, Blend Steroids Injections the drug has to go through three phases: 1. Absorption: Exercise within the body 2.Blend Steroids Injections  Decomposition: Decomposition into chemical molecules for further degradation 3. Removal: It is completely decomposed and eliminated from the body.

The so-called half-life means that the above three stages start to work so that the body's drug content decays to the original half of the time. Again, Blend Steroids Injections different drug structures are different, so the half-life is not the same. Sometimes the same class of drugs may have similar half-lives. For example, the short half-life of oral steroids is usually 4-16 hours.