Bodybuilding Steroids Promote Advantages

- Apr 10, 2018-

Athletes who use steroids can gain a lot of muscle by doing a lot of light weight training, such as high-power group, gradual-fall group and so on.

That's because they do not need to trigger protein synthesis through training itself.

Growing muscles is equivalent to protein synthesis. The higher the rate of protein synthesis and the longer the synthesis time, the more muscle it produces.

Steroid users have an enhanced protein synthesis level of 7 days a week/24 hours a day.

The normal state of the natural trainer is in a dynamic equilibrium: the level of protein synthesis and protein breakdown is almost the same, and he needs to stimulate protein synthesis through training itself.

When fitness-enhancing bodybuilders use a very high number of times to exercise, they can allow more blood to flow into the muscles, plus the blood contains amino acids. This is a process that allows muscles to make better use of nutrients (because the muscles already have Increased protein synthesis levels).

Of course, you will get the maximum muscle fiber recruitment through this kind of fatigue. However, the high number of 15-20 times will consume twice as much glycogen reserves compared to the low number of heavy weights of 6-8 times per group.

Instead of mobilizing excess human glycogen reserves, let the ingested glucose be called as fuel. At the same time, this can also effectively avoid excessive release of cortisol.