Cinnamic Acid: The “protector” Of Metal Surface Painting

- Jul 26, 2018-

Surface treatment technology has a long history. The hominid humans have become the mainstream of the times by grinding technology to make the stone surface smooth and delicate, paying attention to the decorative effect. With the invention of pottery, the original surface treatment technology reached its peak, which unveiled the prelude of surface treatment technology. Today, in the 21st century, surface treatment technology is becoming more and more mature and has spread to all walks of life. For metal castings, metal surface treatment technology has become the main force in the contemporary metal industry.

Metal surface treatment technology is a method to protect metals from oxidative corrosion to overcome the corrosive, abrasive and other destructive shortcomings of metals. The corrosive nature of metals severely degrades the mechanical properties of metals and shortens their service life. Metal surface painting is a very important metal anti-corrosion and wear-resistant protection means, which can keep the metal workpiece continuous and intact, and the bonding strength is good. If the metal surface painting is improperly treated, it will bury the hidden danger of corrosion of the metal, which will make the chemicals in the paint volatile, and the gas discharge work is difficult, and the environment will also cause serious pollution.

With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, in addition to the upgrade of technology, there is a higher requirement for the quality of painting. Beijing Metal Spraying Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of painting products in response to market demand. Surprisingly discovered in the product research, the addition of cinnamic acid to the metal spray paint can effectively isolate the penetration of water, oxygen and electrons, stray ions, etc., which greatly improves the adhesion of the paint coating surface layer. The metal surface is formed to form a high quality insulation layer. This metal spray paint with cinnamic acid has been proven in production practice to greatly avoid the corrosiveness of the coated metal, enhance the adsorption of water, oil and other foreign matter, and is not easy to produce pinholes, nodules, wrinkles, turtles. Faults such as cracking, shedding, or poor bonding. More importantly, its chemical composition is stable, not volatile, and has no side effects. It is very obvious under the excellent characteristics of extending metal service life and saving energy.

The protective layer coated with the metal surface of cinnamic acid has become an excellent barrier against the intrusion of corrosive media. It is undoubtedly an effective measure to improve the anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion properties of spray-painted metal, and the market prospect is considerable.