Enhancement Steroids Physiological Function

- Apr 13, 2018-

Enhancement Steroids Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Excessive intake of animal foods or disturbances in the function of the human body can lead to excessive serum cholesterol levels and can easily lead to hypertension and coronary heart disease. Phytosterols can promote the dissimilation of cholesterol, inhibit the biosynthesis of cholesterol in the liver, and inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine, thus having the effect of preventing cardiovascular diseases. Enhancement Steroids Cholesterol is also an important component of the cell membrane and is involved in the transport of lipids in the blood in the human body.

Inhibition of tumor

Phytosterols have the function of blocking carcinogen-induced cancer cell formation, and plant sterols such as β-sitosterol have a certain degree of inhibitory effect on the occurrence of colorectal cancer, skin cancer, and cervical cancer.

Promote metabolism

In relation to the reabsorption of renal tubules, secondary sexual characteristics are maintained, in which adrenal glucocorticoids increase blood glucose concentrations. Enhancement Steroids Promote calcium and phosphorus absorption in human and animal intestines

Regulate hormone levels

The greatest function of phytosterols is the "smart management" of hormone-like functions. It can exhibit certain hormonal activities in the body, but it has no hormone side effects. Phytosterols will "work" when the levels of human hormones are higher than normal. Shows that it hinders the absorption of bile hormones and lowers the level of human hormones. When the level of human hormones is lower than normal, phytosterols will “convert” all the hormones of the adult body and increase the level of human hormones, Enhancement Steroids thus reaching a balance. Common phytosterols include melons (commonly known as hanging seeds). Adjusting the level of human hormones has a special effect in anti-aging and other aspects.