Bio Peptide GHRP-6 CJC-1295

GHRP-6 and CJC-1295 with high quality and best price Welcome to Contact Mitchell For more details Directly: Conbination of GHRP-6 / CJC-1295 GHRP-6(Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6) is a hexapeptide with a chain comprised of 6 amino acids. It's...
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GHRP-6 and CJC-1295 with high quality and best price


Conbination of GHRP-6 / CJC-1295

GHRP-6(Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6) is a hexapeptide with a chain comprised of 6 amino acids. It's one of several synthetic met-enkephalin analogs that include unnatural D-amino acids that were developed for their growth hormone releasing activity and are called growth hormone secretagogues. GHRP-6 is true HGH secretagogue.

This growth hormone releasing peptide is distinct from GHRP and do act at the GHRP receptor, but instead acts at the growth hormone secretagogue receptor, now renamed as the ghrelin receptor.

CJC-1295 is a tetrasubstituted 30-amino acid peptide hormone, primarily functioning as a growth hormone releasing hormone ( GHRP) analog. It has D-Ala, Gla, Ala, and Leu substitutions at positions 2 ,8, 15 and 27 respectively.

Basics of GHRP-6 and CJC1295:

GHRP-6 5mg/vail (Purple , Black caps), 10mg/vail(Black, Blue caps)

CJC-1295 CAS 863288-34-0 2mg/vail ( Yellow, Gray, White caps) , 5mg/vail(Blue cap)

CJC-1295 5mg/vail ( Blue caps) 

CJC-1295 10mg/vail ( Orange caps)

CJC-1295 DAC 2mg/vail with orange-yellow Cap and Red caps 

Appearance: White Lyophilized Powder

Min Order Quantity: 5-10vial



● Increase muscle tissue growth

● Increase muscle strength

● Improve protein synthesis

● Improve one’s physical performance

● Improve immunity as well as sleep.

● Promotes faster recovery from muscle injuries

● Improves mental well-being.

How to inject CJC-1295:

For best results, subcutaneous injections are suggested. Wash your hands and gather all materials, also clean the vial with alcohol prior to injection. Simply use an insulin syringe so you can extract the desired dosage, and tap the syringe, so you can remove unwanted bubbles. To prevent infection it is best to use an alcohol pad to wipe the skin prior to injection. Gently insert the needle into the fat, and inject the contents in the syringe. Once completed, wipe the injection site with alcohol, and dispose of the syringe.


In order to store and use CJC-1295 With DAC, you will need to mix this peptide with bacteriostatic water, and keep it in the fridge. I recommend using an insulin needle, and you can inject it anywhere subcutaneously. For instance, a popular spot is the stomach fat around the belly button.

As far as dosages and injection scheduling, this has been a widely debated topic on forums, where everyone has their own strategy to do it. Nonetheless, I have put together a simple way to use CJC-1295.

CJC-1295 with DAC can be injected at a dosage of 2 milligrams (mg) every 3 days, while the ‘NO DAC’ version should be injected in smaller amounts of 150 micrograms (mcg) 2-3 times per day. If you go with ‘NO DAC’ try injecting on an empty stomach before breakfast, and then before bed. It is also wise to use GHRP along with CJC-1295 if you want to maximize results.

How to store:

This peptide should be stored in a freezer below -8°C for any extended period of time in stable at room temperature for 90 days. After reconstitution, may be stored for a maximum of 14 days in a refrigerator at 2°C - 8°C. Store vials in an upright position. Store MOD GRF-129 refrigerated between temperatures 2°C - 8°C.

Peptides&Human growth-hormone Product list



CJC-1295DAC 863288-34-0                      


PT-141 32780-32-8                            




GHRP-6 87616-84-0                  


Hexarelin  140703-51-1               




pentadecapeptide BPC 157           


Triptorelin Acetate            


Tesamorelin 106612-94-6               




Carbetocin Acetate 37025-55-1           

(1G / foil bag)

EGF 62253-63-8                    

(1KG / fluorinated bottle)

Thymosin α1 Acetate 62304-98-7      

(1G / polypeptide tube)







GHRP-2 158861-67-7                       


Ipamorelin 170851-70-4                


Sermorelin 86168-78-7                   


TB500  75591-33-4                       


H-G-H Fragment 176-191                    


Gonadorelin Acetate 34973-08-5            


DSIP 62568-57-4                        


AOD-9604 221231-10-3                    

(1G / foil bag)

Desmopressin acetate 16789-98-3       

(1G / foil bag)

Eptifibatide 188627-80-7               

(1G / foil bag) 




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