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Manufacturer wholesale Somatotropin human growth hormone bodybuilding rhgh HGH 191 aa 191aa HGH somatropin Injectable Peptides Somatropin or somatotropin (also called somatotropin hormone) is a...
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Manufacturer wholesale Somatotropin human growth hormone bodybuilding rhgh HGH 191 aa /191aa HGH somatropin Injectable Peptides

Somatropin or somatotropin (also called somatotropin hormone) is a proteohormone that occurs as a growth hormone in the human and animal organism and is formed in the brain in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.

Recombinant somatropin (rhGH) is used as a drug in growth hormone deficiency (GHD) due to pituitary insufficiency.

Product Description:

Product Name: 191AA

Other Names:HGH 176 191

CAS: 12629-01-5

Purity:99%min , Appearance: White powders in vials

Grade: Tech Grade; Medicine Grad

MF:C77H123N23O23S2, EINECS No.:235-735-8

Place of Origin:Made in China (Mainland)

Type:Auxiliaries and Other Medicinal Chemicals, Endocrine System Agents, Vitamins, Amino Acids and Coenzymes, Other.

Min Order Quantity : 5-10vials

Brand Name: SENDI, Product Name:HGH 176 191

Appearance:freeze- dried powder, Specification: 2mg/vial,10ial/box

Available:GMP, CE, ISO ,FDA,SGS

Business Type:Manufacturer Factory

Storage: Dry Cool Place

There are a number of synonyms and abbreviations for somatropin:

Somatotropic hormone (STH)

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Growth Hormone (GH)

Growth hormone (WH)

Somatropin (INN)

HGH Frag 176-191 dosage:

HGH Frag 176-191 can be administered 1-2 times per day with twice daily producing optimal results. If once per day, it should be taken 30-60min before breakfast. If twice per day, the second dose should be taken before bed and a few hours after the day’s last meal. 250-500mcg per day is the most common dosing range with 500mcg being the most common. 500mcg per day should produce significant fat loss in most any individual.

191AA .jpg

hgh COA:

Molecular weight: 1817.12

Peptide purity:> 99.0%

Appearance: White powder

Total Impurities (%) <= 2.0%

Acetate content: <= 15.0%

Bacterial Endotoxins: <= 5 IU

Stability: 2 months at room temperature 24 months from receipt date, 20 ° C as supplied. 1 month, 2 to 8 ° C under sterile conditions after reconstitution. 3 months, 20 to 70 ° C under sterile conditions after reconstitution.

Purity: 100% by RP-HPLC

Storage: Lyophilized HGH FRAG 176-191 although stable at room temperature for 3 weeks, should be stored desiccated below -18 ° C. Upon reconstitution FST should be stored at 4 ° C between 2-7 days and for future use below -18 ° C.

Dosage: 2mg / vial

European Class 191AA efficacy of each phase:

1. The first month: sleep improvement, increase strength, reduce physical fatigue, looking shiny, dew, reduce hair loss, vision (presbyopia) improved, abdominal fat reduction. Reduce women's sense of dryness, male reproductive improvement significantly. Enhance sexual desire, enhance physical power.

2. Second months: memory strength, skin pigmentation, facial wrinkles deep enough, small wrinkles disappear.

3. The third month: to further enhance the above results, improve the speed to achieve balance, the depth of the repair process in progress;

4. The fourth month: the skin shiny, moist, delicate, elastic wrinkles further subsided, abdominal circumference decreased, there is a better sports endurance, the spirit is in an optimistic state;

Fifth, sixth months: to restore the state of the skin to the young, body contour to the better, the body function to be improved in all directions.

How somatropin work?

The somatropin is formed in the a-cells of the anterior pituitary. Its intermittent secretion is regulated by the hypothalamus with its somatropin-releasing factor (SRF, GHRH growth-hormone-releasing hormone, GRF, somatoliberin) and somatostatin. During sleep most somatropin is produced. Puberty is the age with the most pronounced somatropin production.

Lack of energy substrate (hypoglycaemia, fasting, physical activity), increase in serum levels of certain amino acids (eg protein-rich diet), fever and mental stress are secretory stimuli for somatropin. Somatropin is negatively regulated by somatostatin, an inhibitory hormone (Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone, GHIH) that is produced in the pancreas and hypothalamus.

Somatropin is the most important hormone in the pituitary gland. It accounts for about ten percent by weight of the dried gland.

How to use 191AA?
The indication of a normal value for the concentration of somatropin would be wrong, since there is a daily rhythm and a rhythm of life of the secretion. There are also factors that stimulate acute secretion. Because of this, several values are usually taken in a daily profile.

In the diagnosis of acromegaly and giant growth, the somatropin suppression test has proven itself. Autonomous somatropin secretion is said to occur when somatropin levels do not fall below 1.0 μg / L during oral glucose loading (oGTT, 100 g glucose).


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